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Na Zavodu Nefiks mladim omogočamo, da pridobivajo nove izkušnje in razvijajo svoje kompetence tudi v tujini. Mladi se lahko udeležijo mladinskih izmenjav, ki potekajo v okviru programa Erasmus+ ali pa se udeležijo projekta Evropske prostovoljske službe. Mladinski voditelji se lahko poleg tega udeležijo še mednarodnih treningov, seminarjev in konferenc, kjer lahko nadgradijo svoje znanje o vodenju raznovrstnih delavnic.

Poleg tega sodelujemo v treh večjih mednarodnih projektih, v katerih mladim v Sloveniji s pomočjo delavnic omogočamo razvoj njihovih talentov in nadgrajevanje znanja.
Projekti so sofinancirani s strani Evropske komisije, programov Erasmus+, in Justice ter slovenske nacionalne agencije MOVIT.

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Sloving it! - Episode 5

Spanish political situation is on the board nowadays, it has been more than two months since we voted for the general elections and we still do not have an official government. With so many parties in the game, we cannot be sure if they will be able to achieve an agreement

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Študentski tek na grad

A short, fast, but really uphill race.

We had heard a lot about the huge amount of events that takes place in Slovenia during the spring and summer. I imagined most of them being concerts and performances, but sports also have their place in busy Ljubljana.

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Sloving it! - Episode 4

One important part of the ESC programs are the trainings. Volunteers have to do one when they arrive and another in the middle of their project. Javi and David went to the seaside to do their on-arrival training, but they did not stop working there.

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Nextival - A great variety of activities with no so many participants

Last Thursday took place in north city park Nextival, a festival where different associations showed their activities in a chill environment. The offer went from learning the basis of weightlifting, to painting graffiti, playing sports, games, slack-line, juggling, and many other activities. You could visit the different spots, while listening to some live music in the scenario.

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Participating at the event IGRAJ SE Z MANO

More than a festival, a whole concept of fun and integration.

Last Friday and Saturday, Kongresni Trg was full of activities and workshops during the morning. While watching some performances in the stage, you could go from board games, to climbing, creative activities, cars or sports. Some pancakes to recover energy and keep on playing. 

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Sloving it! - episode 2

Do we have too many cultural differences?

Since I arrived to Slovenia, I realised how different we are. As Spanish I am used to give two kisses every time I meet someone, here it looks so weird.

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